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Painting serves two important functions. The first is to beautify, the second is to protect. Nothing gives your home a fresh new look like painting. You can change the look of your home by changing color. Painting is imperative to protect the substrates (wood, stucco etc.) from the elements. Paint protects against relentless sun and heat, and an abundance of moisture. Painting is a great way to make a good first impression. If you are planning to sell, painting will improve the “curb appeal” of your property.

The Arizona Painting Process
The most important part of any paint job is surface preparation. If the surface preparation is not completed properly than the longevity of the application will be diminished. At Arizona Painting Specialists we take great pride in ensuring that a surface is properly prepared before there is any application of products. Here is a breakdown of how your surface area will be prepared and how the paint will be applied to your exterior.

  • Thoroughly power wash entire exterior surface
  • Seal all cracks in stucco and wood
  • Repair any damaged masonry areas (Retexturing chipped comers, etc.)
  • Thoroughly scrape loose and peeling paint (Anything the power wash missed)
  • Cover all landscaping, bushes, windows and other non-painted areas
  • Spray the exterior body (Usually stucco)
  • Brush and roll the trim (Facial board, doors, door frames, etc.)
  • We recommend flat sheen paint on stucco and semi-gloss on all trim

We have established Commercial Accounts with all of the major paint manufacturers in the Metro Phoenix marketplace: Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are all options when painting with Arizona Painting Specialists. Whatever vendor you choose, it is our policy to use premium grade products. It is our philosophy that when we paint an exterior we paint it right the first time. This includes hiring and training professional applicators, thoroughly preparing the surface and using a high quality paint. Because we are so confident in our abilities to do the job right the first time, we offer a very comprehensive three year warranty. Please see Warranty section for more details. Also, because we use premium grade and self priming products, there is no need to apply a primer to bare surfaces once the surface preparation has been completed. Contact us today for more information.

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